Friday, March 19, 2010

Pi Day

Sunday, March 14th: 3/14, or Pi Day.
I had my friend N over and together, she, A, and I made 6 pies of deliciousness.

This was an apple pie that we added a couple strips of bacon to... while a good concept (I think) it just kind of tasted smoky. If we ever do this again, I won't burn the bacon and we'll see how this works. On the bright side, the rest of the bacon went to the BLT sushi.

This was a lemon meringue, which is one of the pies that I make most regularly.
It was good, as always, but we didn't have a zester, so I had to dice the peel, and the chunks were a little big.

This is a key lime pie, which none of us had ever made. Judging by A's enthusiastic acceptance of the results, however, we'll probably start making it more often.

A says: squeezing limes is annoying. I want to get some lime juice next time, rather than "fresh lime juice." I'm a lime philistine, and wouldn't be able to taste the difference. Does anyone else?

J rebuttal: I squeezed the lemons for the LM pie, and while lemons are bigger and therefore more juicy, it only took me about 45 seconds to get what I needed. (The key is to microwave them for 15 seconds, roll them on the table, and then juice them.)

N's apple pie. It was really good. She complained a little about not being able to make her own crust, but all in all not a bad effort. (We made two of these.)

A says: N is hardcore.

J says: She's really hardcore. A very talented baker, and next year when we live together, she is going to make me rotund.

What is the sixth pie?, careful counters will ask. Well, A liked that one soooo much that we'll make it again soon. And it will get its own little post.

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